A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 11/30/21--Guest Sheri Riddoch


And happy to be with you guys on this Tuesday. Going to talk some whip by a little bit later on sherry rickett, join us. She does daily selections on the wood by and website a fan up there for years and handicapped her. She was on track for the pink Lloyd race. We'll talk about that. We'll talk with mine as they come into their final stretch of days. I think three more days left. Is that right? Not much, but we'll talk to sherry coming up in a little bit. I've rearranged the schedule a little bit this week. I had a little scheduling conflict this week. But, for later in the week, but anyways, scotch piro is going to join us Wednesday for a full interview, recap Churchill, but shap cap came out of $21,000 pick 6 on the Churchill signals so I want to talk about that. And and more. I could always talk longer with chap on the jury anyway. So I thought that would be kind of fun to do in light of his great ticket giveaway. So we'll do that tomorrow. Did want to Refinish our chat about some of the weekend action, mostly focused on del mar, where we didn't really get to talk a ton about it. I did talk a little bit about the the great Kent disorder come back. That has been. And one of those rides was never or I'm sorry I would say the word in the Hollywood turf cup coming from last catching acclimate who, I mean, it's kind of gross, right? He runs that same race, getting the lead, cleared off, getting run down in the final jumps. Like, it's happened so many times in his career. And, you know, sometimes little tougher than others, you know, sometimes it's right at the wire, other times, it's way, you know, a little further out, the home stretch, but this one say the word getting up in the final 50 yards, 80 yards and rallied from off the pace was last early on. Circled around rock emperor kind of didn't fire his best shot at four to 5. I was, you know, I talked about being really against him and the breeders cup, just because I thought that particular race was not great the one that he had won New York. It just seemed like kind of a weird fall apart race a lot of the best horses. I didn't think fired and you know it's speed figures, I guess are supposed to kind of alleviate that some of that part of handicapping, you know, obviously clash differential and you know, comparing circuits. Like, that's part of the reason speed figures exist. They're just an overall grade for a horse and a race and stuff like that. They're a way to compare and contrast things. But I do think there are times when your eyes and just your general thoughts on the race have to have a little say and that was kind of one of them for me where I just thought it was not a great race, and you know, I mean, I'm not toot my horn as though with some amazing handicapping call, but because believe me, I have lots of bad handicapping calls too. I try to toot my horn when I'm wrong on this show, but this was just one of those instances in rock emperor rather with one of those situations where I just did not like now. A lot of people I know liked in that day when he was the price because the equipment changed and so, you know, if you're right when he's 14 to one, I mean, more power to you. That's an amazing selection and a great job. I'm also happy to be right against him when he's 8 to four to 5, I guess he was in that particular race. So, but, you know, talking about about Kent, I believe he ended up fourth in the standings for wins. Want Hernandez wins the title with 17 wins. What's crazy though about, you know, del mar and obviously this particular meat with the breeders cup and with those big stakes the end, the purse money is one are a little bit askew from maybe your normal everyday meat because William Buick was the second leading writer in terms of personal money. He only had three wins, but he made $3.7 million, not him personally. But his earnings, Johnny V was two winners and had 1.8 million. It was announced to actually Johnny Vegas stay down in San Diego. I want to say that we talked about that as, you know, he was going out there quite a bit to ride for baffert last winter and, you know, not at all surprising, you know, he obviously does fine and does well down in Gulfstream. I would think there'll be some times he'll go to Gulfstream throughout the winter. And Rosario, I guess going to be based at Oakland with aspic sin and Cox kind of becoming some of his primary business. A little bit of a changing of the seas, right? Like that's just, I guess we've become so used to seeing that entire crew down at Gulfstream park and when you talk about Gulfstream there's obviously top barns like Todd and Chad and you know I mean, saffy Joseph's big barn down there and stuff like that. But when you throw gaffe on down there and I rad down there and cast a lot of I mean there's kind of only so many top mounts to go around and maybe I guess they just figure, you know, and Johnny, obviously, you know, he's getting a little bit older. He's not old, but you got to figure that, you know, he probably kind of likes the idea of that maybe Mike Smith later in career approach really only focusing on the top end horses as opposed to riding 7 8 9 a day. But yeah, I thought it was I thought it was a move that makes sense based off what we saw last year just not surprised I guess by it at all. But back to Kent a soma finish that delmar meat ten for 45, 22% and 1.1 million in earnings for the month, and obviously some are big stakes wins on that closing weekend between say the word. The Hollywood Derby we talked about on yesterday's show went gate to wire with beyond brilliant. That was just awesome. And the mandatory pick 6 on Sunday, he won the first race of the day, which wasn't in the mandatory pick 6, but to ended up winning the I think second leg at 25 to one with handy dandy and it was kind of one of the things where, you know, riders when

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