A highlight from Grading USMNT after six WCQers! Is Alphonso Davies the best player in Concacaf?



Extra time is exactly how I find it out. What's going on in the MLS? Maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well. Everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. We're trying to cook up some great stuff for you guys. That's why he's here. Oh, from New York, New York. to extra time, club and country driven by tiny little tire from the AT&T. 5G virtual studios I made to leave with my partners in soccer. Another late one in your folks, slay dish, Matt Doyle. David goss. What's this to get going? He's going to the mountains. I'm fine. I'm actually excited to get a little earlier. So Doyle won't just melt down on us. Kayla might have his legs and well. Hey, you know what? Happily, my anniversary came on a waiting calf. We're backed out for victories. Two one. It was a little bit nervous at times. It was certainly nervous in the first wind. It would be like you to skip the tough away day, we didn't know what it is. Come back. Yeah. I'm a little hands are a little soft for that. Don't have the houses there. You guys go put in that hard work. I'll do that. You had to get a piece. Yeah. Stuff. Costa Rica. An old Costa Rica. We heard about that a lot in the night. Maybe the best moment than I was kinda lost in Bologna coming at the same time they couldn't save the tea goes. But this early goal did it. I mean, Doyle, this was a nerve wracking game to start. It got better. It got better. There were more good elements, let's just say, in this one, then we've seen it a little while I think. I mean, the U.S. actually I thought played a pretty decent first half other than the opening minute and then maybe 5 minutes around the 30 the half hour mark or so. But they were able to get runners forward create overloads out wide. That's how they created this first goal. They were able to play pretty comfortably through the Costa Rica midfield. It was very nice to see. But also Costa Rica played a mid block four four two with no real destroyer yeltsin to hada and Kelso gorgeous for two of the best midfielders in kaga cafe 6 years ago. They're past it now. This game ended up being, I think encouraging and obviously three points is great, but it was more interesting than it needed to be from the U.S. and maybe that's just part and parcel of having such a young team out there because literally the field players where U 23 team. Like this team that played out there for the U.S. that could have been the Olympic team if we had made the Olympics. So I think there's going to be a lot important competition in the world. You should be weebie. All you got was three World Cup qualifying in my backyard raking leaves just furious still. I mean, well, I mean, maybe if we had made that, then we would know that James sands is the ideal backup number 6 for Tyler Adams and stuff like that. But anyway, we're digressing. It was a good result. I think at times it was a good performance. It can get better. It needs to get better with Mexico paying a visit a month from now. Okay, when you seem to like the one word review, I wonder if you had a word. No, dang. See, how do we don't do it? And then when you do do it, I mean, I would say your response. The response from the away match and disappointing loss at Panama and then the response to the early goal. And there was pressure on this team coming into the match. That seemed to compound within the first minute. I thought they took a pretty positive slant to the game. Including the play that they actually got hurt on where they're very aggressive, Stephan comes in and makes a playoff his line. And I think that kind of comes down to we'll get into some of the choices or not. But I think that comes down to a little bit of that continuity or newness where players looked a little surprised to see them there. And then just kind of didn't really recover from there. But the team sure did. And I give a lot of credit throughout the roster, but I would sort of single out Timothy waya as well who found out 5 minutes before the match that he was going to be starting. I'm sure disappointed to not be involved from the start. But then ended up getting his chance and took his chance well. There was an interesting wrinkle with him and Brendan nerison, who were very much more fluid as far as their positions go. They seemed to interchange a lot more from winged wing, which caused Costa Rica some problems. And then a moment of quality from dust where you see goodness. What he's able to do, I think one of you guys put in a group chat like, oh, that's why he's here. And I was like, no, that's why he's here.

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