The Facebook Whistleblower Is a Pro-Censorship Czar


I turned to. Cbs to see what was on. And it was this. Facebook whistle blower found the whole thing to be really strange very staged very scripted. And so you have this whistle blower going on sixty minutes and said okay. This doesn't seem right just the way she was answering questions it was she kept on saying i want what's best for the company wants what's best for facebook and i think they're getting in their own way. So that's strange whistle blower the keeps on saying that you actually want what's best for the company that's kind of a weird way to frame it and so then today all of a sudden the whistle blowers in front of congress. That happened quickly. So you go from sixty minutes to congress and forty eight hours thirty six hours not even who put all that together. Is there a democrat staffer. That wants her to go in front of congress and so this woman who is testifying francis how gin. She's a thirty seven year old former facebook product manager who worked on the civic integrity issues at the company. Now mind you yesterday. Facebook was down mysteriously for five or six hours. And there is a theory out there. And i just want to reiterate it unsubstantiated and purely conjecture purely speculative that all of this is tied together that there might have been some sort of algorithm ix system reset within facebook which is why facebook went down for five hours yesterday. Why none of the people in charge of facebook seemed that confused or irritated when facebook went down. Purely unsubstantiated and speculative but it's interesting and it would make sense in a certain particular theory of analysis so francis hogan gets in front of facebook and she says something repeatedly look in order to save facebook from the children in order to save facebook or save children from facebook. We need more government regulation to monitor the political discourse on facebook so basically she is a pro censorship.

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