A highlight from What's Not So Funny About Dave Chappelle 2021-10-14

The Takeaway


Looks of is about to say something. What could not possibly have left to say you. Shut up logging. Framing people tuned into wads. Because you know. He's dave chapelle i mean. He's the comedian. Who brought us some of the most memorable comedy of all time. Now in my very expert opinion the chapelle show skit. I know black. People is quite possibly a perfect tv comedy sketch. Why did black people distrust. Ronald reagan white. That is correct. Took all the money that is. Why did black people distrust ronald reagan wasn't supposed to be trusted in the first place. He is correct but when viewers tuned in on october fifth they didn't get the edgy. Sharp nuance of those unforgettable. Chapelle show skits. Dave chapelle seem angry kind of whiny small. And mostly i think just plain unfunny he did deliver punch lines and that unmistakable chapelle tone but the closer well

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