How Do We Process the Alternate Reality That Exists in Our World?


Yet conservatives and Republicans are still pushing the vaccine. Despite all the evidence around them, they say it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated. And I want to close on this note, Daniel, I want to be respectful of your time. How do you personally process how we have people living in absolutely different universes as if there's a different existence occurring? It's maddening for me quite honestly and I just decide just to keep telling the truth and keep moving forward. But when I see Republicans that are coming up this year, I know the vaccine is the greatest thing ever. It's actually it's preventing all the harm and suffering. Meanwhile, we look at the United Kingdom, 223 COVID deaths today, highest daily number of deaths since March 79% of the population 12 and older is fully vaccinated. How do we process this alternate reality? Within our own within our own world. And by the way, Charlie, it's interesting, England, as I said, same delta, as it was the first delta wave in May, now is very problematic. That's after the 5 6 month Pfizer leakage benchmark just so you know, so that's actually a very good example of what I'm talking about. Now they are getting a problem. They are, by the way, luckier than the American south because they got the benefits of the transmissibility of delta earlier on the cheap. So they do have more built up immunity. They're not going to have as many deaths as we did, but they are having problems. How do I square this? Look, you read the Johns Hopkins papers over the last decade. And now I'm getting into this. Peter bragan has an amazing book on this that traces the timeline. And they've been working on this forever. And at the end of the book, he literally is a timeline. And I'm shocked, like it is shocking the stuff. It's creepy. The stuff they talk about, they talk about PR campaigns. It's a scope. So you either get it or you're a victim of it. It's not

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