Filmmaker Ami Horowitz on the Inspiration for His Series


Can we are back with army Horowitz, see the whole video of him in Berkeley with American students giving a man they think is funding the Taliban money for the next 9 11 army. We don't rehearse any of this. I don't tell you what I'm going to ask you. This is the question. I don't think I've ever asked you. And I think it's the most important one. Nobody is doing what you're doing. I mean, you know, Jesse ward is what his world is fun. It's amusing, but your videos are shocking. Why are you doing what you're doing? What's the genesis of it or we share that story? Yeah, sure. You know, so my background was as an investment banker. That's what I did for most of my career. And one day the Saturday night and I was watching the Michael Moore film going for Columbine. And I started drifting off thinking about the United Nations and how horrific they are and damaging they are. And why isn't anybody up in arms about it? And I looked over at the screen at the Michael Moore documentary. I thought, what did engaging interesting. Way to convey an idea, this idea of a smart, dark documentary. Now, he may be totally wrong, he's a big fat pig. But hey, you know what? Still, it's a really interesting way of conveying a perspective. So I thought, you know what? I'm going to do that. I literally quit my job. I was sorry, I quit my job on Monday. Start raising money, made a movie called you and me, which was thank God successful enough where a kind of open live doors for me. I decided I didn't want to do any more. I didn't want to spend another 7 years on one topic and spend millions of dollars on it. So I said, you know, this social media was really taken off that point. And you can kind of create your own platform. And that's what I did. I just started doing these one off videos. And they just kind of became super successful and they kind of blew up to the point where now we're across all platforms are probably four and a half million views per video. As soon as the show, right? Then you're going to have your own show called triggered. Yeah, yeah. We are in the process of that as well. Really excited about them. I'm sure. I'm sure this will be one of the first places I'll come to you talk about it once we're

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