ZOA's David Schoen: Jan. 6 Congressional Committee Is a 'Complete Sham'


So basically what you're saying is you want to let the process play out with the courts with the challenges because what they're demanding is well beyond I can ever think of a Congress demanding from a former president and his allies or staff or advisers or whatever I don't ever remember a case like this This sort of thing Am I right about that And think about you're right about that And think about this some more First of all there are office of legal counsel opinions directly on this that they are not to subpoena executive branch and even former executive branch people for this kind of thing Secondly what mister Bannon asked for was simply to have a representative of the person who invoked the privilege present so that they can make a item by item objection during the testimony of something came as privileged but think about this Think about who is demanding these items and the vindictive nature of this punishment You have a committee here that's a complete sham The American people deserve better If you really want to investigate the facts of what happened on January 6th then you don't have it headed up by chairman Benny Thompson Chairman Benny Thompson sued president Trump And in that lawsuit he represented to the court that the entire incident was instigated by president Trump himself that president Trump supported white supremacists that he Thompson's life was put in grave danger And this is the responsibility of the president How on earth can the American people stand to have someone like that leading an investigation That's no investigation What happens when it comes with effects that dispute that Then you've got Adam Schiff on there His history is well known I think to your listeners Jamie Raskin Jamie raski was the lead prosecutor president Trump's impeachment in which he specifically alleged that the president was responsible for January 6th This is a sham And these are the people demanding the documents Thompson has his own interest saying that he was personally put in danger And now criminal charges brought against mister Bannon Changing his

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