The Truth About the Abortion Pill With Dr. William Lile


Folks, I'm talking to doctor Lyle. You remember I wrote a veggie tale episode lyla kindly Viking. I only wrote half of it. But doctor Lyle spells his name differently. It's L ile. He is the head of pro life Doc dot org and we're having a really important conversation. You were just saying doctor Lyle, you were just saying that if somebody makes a bad decision, we have medical options to help them. And you're saying that there are women who, in a moment of panic, they have easy access to an abortive patient, I guess. Is that what it's called? Sure. I mean, and first we have to define things. Words matter. Let's talk about the morning after pill which is indicated for 72 hours after somebody has had intercourse, which is wrong, but let's talk about the abortion pill, which is indicated for up to 70 days after the first day of the night. See, I didn't know this. It's one of the reasons I wanted you on because a lot of this stuff gets so what is the first one called the morning after pill? Morning after pill. Okay. So somebody has sex. I'm gonna go whoops, maybe I got pregnant, let's take care of it and they take a pill. But the other pill and what does this other pill called? It's called a mip of stone, also known as RU four 86. Okay. How do you remember that number? Did you ever work in a restaurant? Yeah. All right. So when the Shep says, hey, 86 the meatloaf. What does that mean? It means kill the meatball kill it, meatloaf. Are you forbidding? Are you four 86? They didn't plan that, did they? They didn't. But that's planning. Are you four 86? So you have been pro killing. Okay, so the RU four 86 pill. You said it's up to 70 days after conception. After the first day of the last menstrual period. So that would be ten weeks gestation. Most of the ultrasounds for our new OB patients where we can see the baby moving, heartbeat, listen to the heartbeat. Are usually between 6 and 8, 8 weeks along. This pill has 98% chance of killing a baby up to ten weeks

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