How COVID-19 Has Impacted US Elections


Thank you, William Doyle, doctor doll for taking the hour of your life to join us here on the Mike Gallagher show. Let's talk about where you left off. Mark Elias, let's pick up exactly where you left off when we were talking about how COVID has impacted even our elections. Right, let me try and cut to the chase and give you an analogy to show you the way I envision what happened between the law fair that the market Elias lawyers and the Democratic Party were waging and what happened with CTCL. Imagine a military campaign where you want to take a huge swath of territory. The first thing you do is go in with the saturation bombing. And that's what the law fair involved. It involved weakening and making more vulnerable state election systems by trying to sue for universal mail in balloting, private drop boxes, extended deadlines for accepting mail in ballots, which, by the way, advantaged mail in ballots significantly over in person voting. And then once you soften up the territory, you bombed it almost the submission, then the infantry moves in and takes the territory. And that's what CTCL was like. They were like the infantry that went in after the law fair taxation bombing. And basically took over these Kia local election offices and mounted a an incredibly effective get out the vote effort for Joe Biden. That's what it appears to us to have

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