The Dumbest People on Earth Go Into Politics and Journalism


The dumbest people on Planet Earth wind up in Politics and journalism They are morons I have dealt with journalists my entire life These people are idiots If you ask them who is buried in grant's tomb they will sit there and go Man give me a minute Do you got a phone I can throw that in my favorite search engine Google Who's yeah they needed yet Jim says they'll need a hint This is how dumb these people are They are so stupid and they listen to them They manufacture realities This is a perfect example of how it happens Jim queue up cut 11 first Here is one of the dumbest people I met this guy when I used to do hits at CNN Believe me this man has the IQ of a 97 year old sea turtle who is just like drank in a bunch of disposed medicine flushed down the toilet that made it into the ocean This is a genuine turd burglar a really stupid human being who I'm telling you is one of the dumbest people I've ever met Jim Acosta And yet the left worships is moron Remember when he put his book out and he went to his store with like a book signing he was nobody there This is Jim Acosta on a few weeks ago With Doctor Fauci talking about Ivermectin which if you just look it up I know that's a lot to ask liberals and they're probably too dumb to even type it into their phones If you just look it up Ivermectin is an FDA approved drug for human beings For the treatment of parasites that is sometimes used off label to treat COVID Is it also used in animals Yes liberal idiots just like penicillin and hundreds of other drugs have an animal use as well It doesn't mean it's an animal drug Where animals you idiots they don't even wear Adam off Where are insects or something Why are you people so dumb How did we get stuck living with these idiots on the left Mike get ready Crazy liberal lady's gonna call you foaming at the mouth any minute What's her name and or whatever She's angry because I call her out because they're so stupid Here's Acosta This happened a couple weeks ago months ago when I was talking to Anthony Fauci about an FDA approved drug calling it a livestock de warmer because it's Acosta He is I'm telling you I met him I'm not kidding This is a genuinely stupid human being Check this out And the podcast host Joe Rogan he came down with COVID He says he says he's been taking the livestock dewormer Ivermectin as well as other treatments that people talk about on the Internet and so on doesn't have any effect on COVID obviously Did you ever expect that you would have I guess to compete Obviously with the likes of Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan Doctor Fauci and are there voices more powerful and I guess more widespread than people like yourself other public health experts who are out there And isn't that part of the

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