The Biden Inflation Tax With Steve Moore


We on this show were early, we were right. We predicted it, we saw it coming, which is the inflation crisis. If you go all the way back into the spring of 2020, a year and a half ago, we did an entire hour long program on inflation. What it is and why it's coming to America and why the leaders in charge could only be, let's say, intentionally bringing us towards an inflation curve. This is by no way whatsoever in accident. This is inflation by design. This is in my personal opinion and attempt to try to justify mass immigration to try and give a basis to try and say we need millions and more people. And someone who I know knows this very well is a friend of mine, a fellow chicagoan. Steve Moore, Steve how you doing? Hey, Charlie, great to be with you. Thanks for having me on it. You are spot on. You were right about inflation. I was right on inflation and Joe Biden was wrong. And so was Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve board. And the new numbers that came out this morning show that we're now the producer prices are up 8% in a year. And Charlie, this isn't complicated when producer prices go up. Guess what happens to consumer prices? They just get passed off. 8.6% increase. So can you translate the economic language to really what that means and how significant an 8.6% increases? Well, it means every time you go to the grocery store, every time you go to the gas pump, every time you go you travel every time you buy anything out of Walmart, things are going to be more expensive. And inflation is a is a regressive tax. I love when Joe Biden you've noticed he's not going to raise tax for anyone who makes less than 400,000. Charlie, he already has. Yes. Every time you go to the basket gas pump, you're paying what I call the Biden inflation

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