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Yeah, Jimmy V week altering our schedule one more day, so we'll return to linear television tomorrow 6 eastern on ESPN2. Of course, it is a very important day and week for us here at ESPN. But we do have a podcast for you. We got a big game tonight with the warriors and sons and Phoenix a short home favorite and you know, one thing Golden State's dominance and run this start to the season is done is overshadowed other teams that have been pretty impressive in Phoenix is one of those teams. They've really just delivered after a slow start initially. I mean, really initially out of the gates, it's been a pretty impressive run. They are 17 and three overall. Golden State 18 and two. So remarkable combined 5 losses and here we are the last day of November. What's your play here, Tyler, if anything? I'm going to take the points with the warriors. They rate out as the slightly better team. They have the better record. And I think they have a team that matches up well. It's kind of a coin flip game and was talking about this yesterday with Anita as well on our vet show that I just feel like in a coin flip game. I'll take the team that's getting some points. Especially since you know, if we were to set at the beginning of the year, Phoenix is going to have a 16 game win streak could be like, all right, the chance of that are like less than 1%. They're going to have to lose some time and what's more likely to be a lost than going up against Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. So there's a few more props that I like, maybe a little bit more on the side. And this one, but I'll let you share your thoughts on side and total before I dig into those. Yeah, I'm right there with you on the warriors. And for me it kind of starts with the defense. I think this team has been battle tested in some big games now. Obviously, that's not to dismiss the suns into what you said the game win streak. I just think warriors have been trucking teams, especially the nets game that they had. They've just been so impressive. Steph Curry is the best player on the court. He alters a game. I've always called him the shack of the perimeter. He is that dominant. Just as soon as he crosses half court with or without the ball, defenders sort of react and he's that much pressure on the opposing team's defense. Now the sons are great and they're deep and they play off each other beautifully and it's hard in these types of discussions to put one team down and just because you like the other side. So I'm not going to do that. Sons are great. I'm just going to prefer the warriors here plus the two and a half. Yeah, I'm with you a 100% on that if it was suns plus two and a half. I played the sun side plus two and a half. But we're getting points at the warriors, so that's my preference. As far as props here, you mentioned how the warriors grayed out as, you know, the best team in the NBA defensively and just about every metric possible rebounding as well as the number one rebounding team despite not having tremendous length. So I'm looking at first Deandre 8. And I think 8 is going to struggle to make an impact on this game like he has in other games with better matchups. Draymond green is obviously he's giving us some size to 8, but certainly not any strength. And like I said, the rebounding rate for the Golden State Warriors number one in the NBA. I'm going to play 8 under 14 and a half points. That was what I saw at yesterday. I don't know if it's come down a little bit or not. But I think ayton's going to struggle to score in the paint against this Golden State defense that switches well plays the pick and roll well. I think if there's production above expectation on the Phoenix side, it's coming from the perimeter. Speaking of which, that's why I'm playing Chris Paul over 20. I believe it was 24 and a half points plus assists. And these Chris Paul's point in his career is a big game hunter. He gets up for the best competition and there's no competition in the NBA right now, better than Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. Last year when the warriors were really, really bad. Chris Paul exceeded 30 minutes and only one game. Golden State ended up winning that game by 6 points, but Paul played more than 30 minutes and had 24 points in ten assists. I fully expect this to be a tight competitive game for four quarters. Which means I expect Paul to play well over 30 minutes. And I think he's gonna take on the scoring load alongside Devin Booker on the perimeter since the easiest matchup micro match up on the defense is Steph Curry. The guy holding guarding him. So I think Paul is going to have to score a lot and of course he's a guy and give you ten dimes with his eyes closed. The other guy I'm gonna play to go over a points assist and rebound prop, which I believe is also 24 and a half is draymond green. Similarly, at this point in his career, green is someone who just gets up for the bigger games. And this should be a pace up game with both Golden State and Phoenix involved, and that plays right in the draymond's Wheelhouse, clean the glass, push the pace, find those shooters on the perimeter. So it's a potential triple double spot, I think, for draymond green, you're almost supposed to worry about the points with him because he's not a good score, but rebounding and setting up those shooters on the perimeter, I think he'll have 8 or 9 ten rebounds, 8 or 9 ten assists. And if he can find, you know, you know, 8 or 9 ten points, then we're looking really good there. So those are the props that I like for this matchup. Tonight between Golden State and Phoenix. Awesome stuff. Let's go to another game Lakers kings. They met a few days ago. They needed triple over time to get to the over. I had some friends on the under too but they didn't do first half under, but we had the Lakers three and a half. There's some fours out there as road favorites and Sacramento. Kings have been up and down, right? So they replaced their coach and they had a nice win over Portland last week, then beat the Lakers in that huge marathon game and then bounce back and lost at Memphis. Now they're back home this time hosting the Lakers. I don't really have a play here. I lean Lakers actually, but I've been a guy who's been so gun shy betting on LA. Yeah, I get that as well. I would lean Lakers on the side as well because I think the market is starting to adjust its Lakers are just not that good right now as they continue to acclimate to Russell Westbrook and some of the pieces that they brought over this off season. Keep an eye on LeBron James and Anthony Davis, I think both carry questionable tags. If Davis plays, whether LeBron plays or not, he should absolutely dominate in the Sacramento Kings have just been hemorrhaging fantasy points in any way, shape and form, block shot, steels, points, rebounds, assists to big men and AD we know is as good as any and the games. He stepped it up especially lately defensively because I think, you know, he's realized that we've got to kind of win some of these games early in November and December despite the fact that the Lakers are probably a team that really doesn't care and really isn't motivated until March or April, but a team like Sacramento who's struggling.

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