Why Investigating 2020 Voter Fraud Is About Saving Our Country


And Mike, again, help my audience understand. You have led the charge in trying to bring a case to the Supreme Court. That would be signed by attorneys general from states around the country, what is the crux of this case that you're bringing? In other words, what is the crux of the case that you're hoping that the Supreme Court will look at? Okay, I would rather I'm not a lawyer. I would rather that everybody go to Frank speech dot com. You can view the whole case there. But it's stiff. There's a couple of things. If to explain it, there's 5 states that are getting that are definitely defendants. And that's your Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia. And now all the states have standing. The evidence that's there now is not the evidence that was brought before them back last year. And last year when they said they didn't have standing, now they have standards, not one but two ways. They absolutely help with how to accept it on standing because every state's got standing. The attorneys generals know Anita I need everyone to know this. We brought the case other lawyers who grew up this case that we brought into these different attorneys general. We met with them. We showed them show them that the election fraud happened in their state, Eric. I bought their voter rolls. An Alabama had to pay 30 some $1000 out of my pocket to buy the voter rolls who bought who voted and then the voter rolls after. So then we went in. We canvass. We showed him it happened in their state. I'll give you an example, Alabama. We show it happen there. And I said, you guys need to look at this complaint. And get on board with us. We need to protect our country. This is about who are a Democrat or Republican thing. This is about saving our

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