Michael J. Knowles: Liberals Can't Articulate Their Arguments, Resort to Screaming


You But you put it very well which is you don't need to be a rocket scientist to recognize that it's wrong to kill a baby that the constitution does not defend or articulate any right to kill a baby and that it's time to overturn it You don't need to have some advanced degree You don't need to have all of the PhDs and all the various accolades and credentials that the left seems to value so highly and you don't need to use lots of complicated jargon And it's pretty simple We actually can know the difference between good and bad and right and wrong and true and false And I think that the reason that the left tends to get a lot angrier and screeching gal and you remember after Trump won they started screaming no and they all went viral because the value literally screaming at the sky yeah That's right And the reason that they get so angry is because they can't see the reality They can't articulate their position If you understand an issue then you can just state your opinion and you can say Tom lady and you can be forceful but you don't need to scream and yell and pull your hair out But if you know that you're on shaky ground as the pro abortion people are in this case specifically And as the leftists are generally then they have to get emotional and they get frustrated because they can't articulate their views There were two demonstrations outside the Supreme Court today There was a group of pro lifers specifically there was a group of young pro life women and they were singing the national anthem and they were waving American flags and they were praying and they seemed very grounded and reasonable And then there was a group of pro abortion women who were screaming and yelling and literally taking abortion pills You just look at those two groups Dan which one do you think has it more accurately

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