Will We Be Able to Trust Trump's Personnel in 2024?


Had traitorous literally traitorous seditionists in the building at ranks above. My rank was a deputy to the president. We had chiefs of staff like john kelly. It's it's disgusting that he was a marine. But we have people like john. Kelly vincent and others who are actively sabotaging president trump. It is my contention and we're not going to mention names. Hits a little bit too early for that that president trump is already surrounded or still surrounded by some of the wrong people who gave him bad advice and are just there for the money and selfish reasons during the last four years talk to our millions of listeners. Liz what can we do about that in. A how confident are you that we will have a trust worthy america first bench if we can stop the fraud and he wins again and he gets a second term so i think he openly admits the when he's asked you know what's the best thing you did was the worst and he says personnel some not very. Yeah and i think in i think he he knows that and There were some good ones too though. We gotta remember that. But for the record the fact that he achieved what he adjacent with members of his cabinet working against him. Truly i mean you know you you you thank the good lord every night but we can't do that again this right and honestly so some of these people though you at least they had me fooled some of these people swamp i mean it you had no idea and the one good thing. There's not many the silver lining about what happened in. November is kind of a dividing and people came out of the woodwork. Yeah really exposed people's true colors and what they actually believe and if they don't actually believe in it so i think that's benefit shaw. And now we can. Just ask be point late. Like joe biden get eighty one million votes. Yeah

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