A highlight from 617: NHL 'Expert' Predictions are ALL Just Guesswork; NFL Won't Make Gruden Emails Public


Welcome to the wpa show with episodes every single week day and what we specialize in ottawa sports and a bunch of nonsense sports in whatever it steve worn here in ottawa. Jim jerome in edmonton schmoozing. It up as we always do. Thank you for being with us all weekend today. Of course we hope you enjoy the show. James join us. Sipa coffee our thing why i just like to say to everyone steve. You're welcome okay. You're welcome that i do this. Each and every day and bring yeah unbelievable content to quit listeners. State minute minute minute after minute show javer show month stevie so you should be on a lot of these sites a lot of these websites. Okay you should be the guy they go to okay about the nhl amongst other things. You're not limited to that steve. You're not a one trick pony by any means okay. Hey accuse me of that too and they say things like stick to sports is stay in your lane f you nothing will get you blocked faster by me and saying shit like that right but it would be a go to guy in canada. Stevie you don't they said okay we're gonna go to our predict our predictions for the nhl which start today. Okay which is kind of interesting. I've never paid too much attention to You know. I'm i'm like okay. Well always steve. Like let's see what happens after twenty games Right always right to an eighty game schedule. Let's see what happens. A quarter of the way through Let's see what happens in the nfl with four games for five games. You know on and on. So i've for the first time i kind of looked this morning. Came across Yahoo sports is one of the one of the obstinate that i go to and they have the. Nhl predictions is. I'll have a look at that. And they got four. Four dudes breaking it down stevie. Who's gonna win the division who's gonna win the conference who's going to win the stanley cup. i sent it to you and So i look at it and go. Well these guys you know these are obviously go to guys and like you. And i said never heard of them first of all never heard of the four guys but they're so stevie they're so good that each of them have picked a different team to win the stanley cup. Okay normally that they've you know. Obviously the conference winners are different to get. Get steve born in there. Who are these people you know so. I don't think i do know them when you. I mean it's I mean they may be saying the same thing about us you if they fired up. Our podcast happened upon it. They'd be saying the same thing. So i don't wanna bury anybody because You know they're not wayne gretzky or a famous name or something like that and they all came up with their own ideas. Like you said guy. See one guy likes the islanders. One likes the avalanche the stars the stars right. I think they're window of opportunity a closed. Sorry for good choice So yeah they could not agree. There is no consensus. Yeah and that's why you're fun to read these things. What's even more fun to read are going back a year so go to the nhl magazine going going to last year and even all these big names people you respect names that are famous. You look back at what dad to say about the upcoming nhl season or say prior to win nhl draft. What players going to do what nobody knows. Nobody famous or not famous. Nobody knows but it's fun to read these things all say it's like I don't know they they picked tapa Lots of them to win their division and then nothing after that i mean even if even me stevie couldn't i'm i'm going to go with with tampa doing this. They're they're pretty. They're pretty good so now what they did. They did lose some of their core as far as the bottom six right now. What they had was really good secondary group. A lot of that secondary group wants to be primary somewhere else and so they've done a good job of keeping their foundational core together. Stamkos kucherov headman. And if you others and of course brayden point that kept the key guys together. But they've lost quite a bit of that secondary push and so i think that's why people have kind of removed them from the idea of being a three peat like it hasn't happened even your edmonton oilers james. As great as they were in the day they never won three straight win. The triple right exactly. So it's been a long time since it happened so it's a pretty safe bet. It probably doesn't happen here

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