Is the Nipah Virus Cause for Concern?


You ever see that movie contagion with Matt Damon And Gwyneth Paltrow Listen this is the kind of stuff that a year or two years ago you would have been like ah that's only movie crap Don't panic Don't listen to panic kills You should never panic But I don't know about you but I'm a little bit concerned Me provision So I looked it up and I had my one of the writers at my website Matt Colombo right A piece on this I encourage you to check it out on my website The headline is top scientist lays out a case for Wuhan lab leak warns there may be an even deadlier virus It's in my website today Dot com and you can subscribe to my newsletter but you know dot com slash newsletter And I'll send it out every day It's all free of course At 80% lethality rate Now granted that may be in countries with struggling healthcare systems but Jim let's have it right So it's got a 40% leap out I'm just guessing I mean I'm not a virologist would experience with nipah but the nipa is real When they said coronavirus if you're a young healthy person has a lethality rate of about 1% And we couldn't handle that Not you the conservatives out there We ridiculous poorly designed terrible inefficient how do they keep screwing everything up government we have now Fauci and others couldn't have handled that coronavirus With a 1% lethality rate if you're relatively young and healthy can you imagine that in a lab one of these doctors says yeah yeah they're working on this nipa and it's kind of like an 80% lethal For liberals that means about 80 out of a hundred people die

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