A highlight from We Imagine Us: The Long Way Around

Latino USA


On my conversations with my fellow score members. So these two podcasts are being distributed by our friends at PRX, the same group that distributes Latino USA. There are also animated shorts that go along with the podcast to help you kind of visualize what these solutions for the future might look like in our communities. So in our first ever fictional podcast titled, the long way around. We're going to take you on a journey in the not too distant future. You're going to meet bumpy and mercy. They're a father and a daughter and they're traveling the country as they're trying to build new lives. And they have to navigate through this same real-life issues that many black Latino indigenous and Asian communities face in our country today. I invite you to come along with us for the ride. So here's an exclusive preview of the long way around from unida insane and PRX. Moving moment movie. Come on y'all. Look at this. Welcome

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