A highlight from #242: Voicemail Ketchup


Hello. All right, so this is a bonus episode. We just want to get caught up on a lot of the voicemails that came in while we were on our break. So let's just jump right into it. First up is Nate. Hey guys, love the podcast. This is neat in San Diego, just a quick trip report from the Pacquiao. We got a sweet end. The fight didn't go the way we wanted to. But several members of Pacquiao's entourage is not able to attend so they upgraded my friends and I up to the front, which was an awesome experience. Nice in the Jack Daniels lounge, which also had free alcohol. We are originally supposed to be up in the mills blades with our backs against the wall. So that was an added plus. Perhaps wise, everything was $25, even at the flamingo where we were seeing. And I can't believe the flame has the audacity to have a $25 crap table and a $50 right next to it, ridiculous. We did get to play on the shoot to link crafts with the virtual tabletop. And that was only $10 and it's just not the same. And it's weird because it's not felt. It's like a hard plastic foot it seems like the dice would be bouncing around a little bit more. No volume, the one segment that was there was spacing out. And I love having the feel of the chips in my hand while playing. So overall didn't really get to play. I feel like I've been priced out of playing crops nowadays. We did find $5 crafts at Ellis island, but that had maybe two to three people deep waiting to get into the game. That's it. And I hope to learn if you guys are really one day. Thanks. Yeah. You know, role to win is a nice option for cheaper play. But it's not the same. No. I mean, I always play with a chip or two in my hand. Yeah. I mean, at least two chips to fumble with. I mean, what would I play with at that table? I guess you'd have to take your own chips over. Oh, yeah. They actually bring them to the table. Or maybe dropping them on the table. It's my hands down in the table and stuff. No bet. Yeah, you know, the high limit still. Well, this was a fight weekend. So that could have something to do with it. That's probably had a lot to do with it. Hopefully we're going to see some minimums coming down, but we'll see, you know what? I think when kind of summer's over, which is technically over, but, you know, people still going to Vegas. But I think after like Christmas, yeah. And getting to January, February, maybe things will go down unless there's a big convention. Sure, that's always something. But when I was in Vegas, a couple of weekends ago with Tim Lawson, we went down to el Cortez $15 minimum table at el Cortez. Right. I mean, you know, and that was in the day. Yeah, that was during the day. Yeah, so maybe that was an anomaly, but Tim was actually asking me on his show about stadium gaming and what I think of it. And this kind of applies to role to win craps as well. I like the idea, you know, it's nice. You kind of, you're by yourself. You don't have to make a bet every time. And you know, there's no pressure. But it's almost an excuse for them to raise the limit at regular tables. So now so you're paying for an experience. So now, you know, low rollers have less opportunities to play at real tables. Because of these electronic options. So that's a real downside there. Yeah, I guess the casino says, hey, if you want a low game, you know, we've got that stadium gaming over there or whatever. Yeah. You know, go over there. For them, it's like a slot machine, right? It's just sitting there making money and they're not putting a lot into it. Versus a table game where they're putting manpower into it and stuff. And they have to be a little more leery of cheating and things going on at a regular table. Right. So you know, there's a little more probably security. I mean, I doubt if there's a lot of cameras watching, you know, stadium gaming. Well, you know, I mean, there are cameras on them, but they're not looking at as closely unless they see somebody fiddling with the device or something. But it was probably exacerbated too by COVID. You know, when these limits went up and now, you know, it's kind of unintended consequences. Yeah. That's what that's called. Yeah. Well, and in the whole world, I mean, it's not just because in a lot of things, there are unintended consequences of weird things. Yeah, but you know, unintended consequences. It has kind of a negative connotation to it, right? This is something that actually helped the casino in their case. It's like, you know, this negative for the player. I mean, the casino ahead of time didn't think, hey, let's put in all the stadium and get rid of our regular tables. But then when COVID hit, it was like, oh, yeah, that makes sense. Hopefully things will turn around. All right, next call. Hi, Mark, doctor Mike. This is Nick and calendar Michigan with a quick trip report. Just went to Las Vegas for about a week. It had a good time.

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