A highlight from Vanni Sartini on 'Caps comeup! ANDIAMO! Plus, Sam Stejstal on history-making Revs, coach openings



Extra time is exactly how I find it out. What's going on in the MLS? Maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well. Everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. We're trying to cook up some great stuff for you guys. That's why he's here. Oh, from New York, New York, you are listening to extra time driven by continental tire from the AT&T 5G virtual studios. I made your weave with my partners in soccer, Charlie Davies. Reportedly, with us today as well. A scholar, a gentleman, a pog enthusiast. Santay school. What's up? Reportedly with you. I think we can confirm that. Is it right here? I'm right here. I'm gonna hit up Paul. I'll text Paul. We're gonna confirm not mess with you. We'll see you. It's good to see you. It's the main the flow for those of us on YouTube. Yeah. Wow. The curls are really coming in, Sam. Yeah, you know, the pandemic's been hard on a lot of people, and especially on my barber. He doesn't get seen anymore. So there you go. That's tough for him. I got a recommendation. You make it work. Well, thank you guys appreciate that. I'm not sure how true it is, but we're trying. Yeah, we're all a little scrubby this morning. That's because MLS midweek was going on last night. Unless after dark was absolutely incredible. We have a big show coming up. Revs make history, 73 points, most in the regular season ever, but does it matter if they don't win a loss cup? Try to answer that one. Sporting kids city took control of the Western Conference last night, Johnny Russell. Oh boy, he is a special guy. Fannie sartine, he's gonna join this show. I don't know if he has a voice. Vancouver one, sartini screamed, uttered, I don't know. Got very emotional. As he has after every single one of these results, and playoff implications, oh my good Osaka dot com, the carpet killing Acosta is the most fashionable man in less. I had the good the bad the platform implications from Wednesday. That's my column that's a little self promotion. They're Charlie bohm had a great feature on eating a heart and mad toyo and Tom boger double teaming teams and get eliminated. What 2021 means for them and also three big questions. But the big news here, it's an important day for extra time Sam. And I think you're the right person to celebrate it with us. It's the inaugural die run day. Here, at ETR, it's a new MLS holiday. It's come celebrate our budget's LAT on. What a goal. What an absurd goal. We thought Lucas LA on was gonna have the honors Charlie. Tell me from a striker's point of view. What you need to have in your mind to attempt something like this because this isn't the, this isn't something that just anybody does. You know, it's like Zlatan and Darin and then there's like maybe three or four other guys, I might put it to, let alone to finish it. It bicycle kick that you knock up to yourself while running away from goal to loop in as the timbers get a huge win against San Jose. Try to take me to daron's head if you can. Well, you know the keepers out. And it doesn't matter what direction your body's facing, you're trying to put a shot on goal. And if you've done it, if you've practiced it, like most strikers have in their life. I mean, I remember as a kid, my father would have me just do an hour of bicycle kicks an hour. That sounds dangerous. Different types of you're a growing boy, man. Those bones might be a little brittle. You never know. I hope you had a pad or something. Hard New Hampshire ground man. It's frozen ground. You do that bicycle. But I'm born with it. It's full meal unreal Don SmackDown. But I'm all about it. And the fact that you pull it off in a professional game because it's easy to do when you're just having fun. But to have the trust and belief in confident confidence to know you can pull it off. I mean, that was spectacular. So all I gotta say is respect to diron. Feels like that's the gold knew who should get for his first, Sam. I was gonna say it. This is real new energy on that goal. He went out there and he was just like, you know, you asked Charlie, what are you preparing for? What are you thinking about? I think the answer is you're not thinking when you try something like that. You're just acting purely on instinct. And it was fantastic. Trust, did I run instincts, and I guess trust him in 2021 because his previous goals in the last last year no goals to the year before that. One, two, one, one, ten this year. That was the hit double digits for Darin. Big win for the timbers had to enjoy that one. Shout out to the weekly, whatever our financial league what's this, Jamie Watson, yeah, Jamie's Watson actually won this thing. His Dream Team put up a 131 points. I may Watson. Yeah, Randall and walker Zimmerman and his team. Surprise surprise, Jamie, loading up on Nashville players against sepsis Cincinnati. Smart move there and let's get to it guys. The revs. We've talked about them over and over and over. Sam, you're here because Charlie and I have basically exhausted everything we could possibly say about the New England revolution. In 2021, they are now, as I said, the all time points leader in the regular season MLS, 73 points, 2019 LFC are now second with 72. They could get to 76. They got inner Miami at home on the final day of the season. So they could widen this gap even further. It's the fourth time in the last 5 years, this record has been broken. What does this mean? It means they had a really good season. I'm not sure that they're quite as good or as dominant as some of the other teams we've seen break the record in recent years. And it is kind of wild, you know, we saw that the record go down in 17, I believe, 18, 19 and now 21, the only season in the last 5 that it didn't was the one that wasn't a full season.

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