Is There Really a Climate Emergency?


Doctor coon in professor coudin, science adviser kunin Stephen, welcome to the Dennis prager show. Thank you very much, Dennis. And it's just Steve. As you say, I'm kind of modest and unpretentious actually. I'm well aware of that was I write about being a provost of CalTech? I was for 9 years provost and altogether, I was 30 years of professor there. But of course the people who differ with you with me and so many others will say, oh, we don't follow the science. It's quite an attack to make on you. I agree. Particularly since everything I say in the video or have written in the book, is right out of the official UN or U.S. government reports. So I'd love to have a discussion with them about who's denying what science. Oh, God, would that be awesome? We would put up serious prayer you would put up serious money to have someone equally prominent to you on the other side. Who is the guy there is truly no, not Michael, man, I know. I know he's the guy at the Canadian university. That doesn't work. Yeah. He's in Pennsylvania. Okay, no, no, no. Forgive me, there is a guy who writes mcgibbon, mcgibbon, that's it. Are you familiar with mcgibbon? Yeah, mckibben. Yeah. He's not a scientist, really? Oh, good point. Less than man. So let me tell you, I was at MIT last week in a meeting open to the whole MIT community. It will try to share the stage with a prominent MIT faculty member who is an expert. And we had a discussion. It was very good for 20 minutes for 20 minutes and then we talked. He didn't challenge anything I said in the science. But the discussion focused on risk aversion and improbable but high impact events and so on. And that's not the science. It's how you interpret what you do about it. But, you know, anything I wrote was not challenged at all.

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