Moving From California to Arizona? Fine. But Leave Your Policies Behind


You look at what's happening in California, all the people who are escaping, bringing their politics with them. People are saying that areas are not going to say blue because the only color for the Democrats is deep socialist red. So what talk to us about the dangers of a Democrat takeover in Arizona? How you're going to stop it and what your vision is for that great, great state, Cary. It is scary because we have seen so many people. I guess they're living in exile. They've left California because leftist policies over the last several decades have driven California, turned it into a hellscape to be honest. There's homeless encampments everywhere. The taxes are sky high. People are still being forced to mask up. It's horrible. So they're leaving in droves coming to Arizona looking for a free state. The problem is, we want to remain Arizona. We love our western heritage, our wild west heritage our native heritage and what makes us special. We don't want to morph into a big suburb of California. And we don't want the leftist policies that turned to California into the hellscape that it is seeping into Arizona. And we're starting to see that happen. So people are now rising up realizing it's happening quickly. California are coming over here, driving our housing prices up. And we don't want that. We are a welcoming people in Arizona, but please come here and respect the fact that we are a western state. We love our freedom. We love our Second Amendment. We love everything that makes this country free and don't try to change us into the California or the Oregon or the Washington blue state that you just

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