Why Virginia's Election Has Huge National Implications


Joe Biden's numbers are upside down, and it is heavily impacting the now battleground state of Virginia. Tomorrow voters head to the polls. Well, I think they vote early in Virginia. I don't know how they do, but I still think they have in person voting in Virginia more than other states. According to RealClearPolitics dot com, Joe Biden's favorable rating is 44 unfavorable rating is 50 6 points in the deficit 6 points. 50% of the country as an unfavorable view of Joe Biden and the latest polls out of Virginia everybody, which can be a bellwether state in ways that are very significant. Virginia governor, according to the Trafalgar group, young Ken up two points, Fox 5 D.C. insider, which I trust local polls a lot with this up two points. Term mcauliffe is going on a press campaign, play cut it. They're talking about this critical race theory. And as I said before, and I'll say it again, it's never been taught in Virginia. And I really hate it because it's a racist dog whistle obtained from the loudoun county school board and invoice from that firm, the equity showing a charge for coaching and meetings focused on CRT. And excerpt of an email from former school superintendent states that while loudon county has not officially adopted CRT, some of its teachings align with the CRT ideology. That's pretty straightforward. Now, the polls are all over the place. So I don't want to say that it's guaranteed that junk and is going to win. The recent polls show him up, but there is a pall over the weekend by Roanoke college at mcauliffe one. There is another one from Washington Post that in the cauliflower up one, and you better believe that fairfax county and in loudon county, they're gonna pull out every type of shenanigans and tomfoolery and shadiness that they can concoct everybody. That is a real thing and it's going they are going to pull it all out. But I just want to make sure that everyone understands the significance of what is happening in Virginia right now is that you have a candidate that was not polling well. You've a candidate that in the Virginia race was down significantly. If you look to the RealClearPolitics average polls in Virginia. Mcauliffe was down in the average. I mean, I'm sorry, junkin was down 6 points. 6 points at the beginning of September. He was down in the average by 6 points. Now the average has him up two

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