A highlight from The Model Citizens Edition


There was a dress made just of discarded pages from discarded Ikea catalogs. There were lovely, high heeled shoes, fashioned of cigarette butts. There was a trash bag tank top. There were hair bands made from yogurt containers, a necklace made of plastic clothes pins designed by jewelry designer erit gross. There was a necklace that seems to have been made from the tops of the plastic hammers kids bunk each other over the head with on Independence Day, and there was much, much more. A young model maybe 8 years old were a dress made of the plastic drains at the bottom of pota cheese containers. She held a sign that read in English say no to plastic. A teenager in the clothespin necklace held a sign that read in a hybrid mishmash of Hebrew in English, quote, because we have no planet be in lanu planet B it read. The trash fashion runway walk started at the comb ill foe definitely not fast fashion haute couture boutique in the port, which to celebrate the event posted a post on their Facebook page that read, quote, they say that by 2050, there

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