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Supercars. On this show, we consider our Jamie wind cups focus on his performance was misinterpreted by many outside the inner segment of supercars. That May in the sense of the fans look, I know that they're loyal. They're very proud and they're very aligned with personality. He didn't get tired to be famous, you encouraged him to drive race cars. We hear from some of his closest peers and partners rolling down Craig lowndes, Mark dutton, and David couchy. You know, he does all these talking on the race circuit. One of the disappointing aspects of win cap's career is instead of celebrating success. Some motor sports spectators became possible towards it. Famously booing the champion R three one major events. Roland Dane provided his perspective on that part of Jamie's career and the Australian way. Whenever I'm shooting the breeze with my fear group and my Friends, et cetera in Europe and they inevitably say, or what are the best bets and worst things about being in Australia compared with being in the UK for instance. And there's clearly the weather and friendliness of most people and that sort of attitude to life in Australia which can be so positive. And then you got the negatives and I always say, well, number one is speed limits. Number two is bureaucracy and nanny state approach. And number three is tall poppy syndrome. And Jamie has suffered from a lot of ignorant people giving him a hard time over many years because of his success. And unfortunately, I see that reflected many times in Australian sport the good thing is that normally the passage of time. Deals with that. And I think that Jamie will be respected as he deserves by almost everyone. In the fullness of time. But in the short term, the there are people who resent his success for whatever reason. Which is a shame, but it's amplified these days by social media. In a way, which I think a lot of us have come to realize that undermines the meaning of social media comes unsocial media and quite repulsive at times. So Jamie's been exposed to that in a way, which some of his predecessors haven't been. But in the fullness of time, the respect will be there from I would suggest pretty much everyone who's ever followed the sport, let alone been involved in it. And deservingly so. Craig lounge remember these situations clearly. Oh, yeah, absolutely. And sometimes not only Jamie, there was other drivers that got that treatment. And it saddened me in a sense of the fans, look, I know that they're loyal, they're very proud and they're very aligned with personalities. But at the same time, it's motor racing. We've got to celebrate whether it's afford or a Holden or whether it's a James Courtney or a Jamie win cup. So for me, that was always a little bit of a sad moment because of people just emotions probably take over. And I felt for Jackie because he put his heart and soul into what he had done and winning races is something that we'd all strive for. I think that because of his personality, again, the marks gave, I'd even say the Marcus Ambrose. They sort of weren't really fan favorites because of just the way they all their attitude and the way they approach the race weekends. And it's a shine because they fans of us not seeing the results of what this person, Jamie had created or achieved that they just sort of sing in here's a personality and really, as you said, it didn't really matter the fans, where you finish, it was just the personalities that they wanted to connect with. Fans said being the most popular driver of the modern era made the relationship with the fans more difficult. It was hard for Jamie because I suppose about popularity, but at the same token, it's just trying to think of analogy. Probably center and Prost in the same time a Formula One, like when you've got in a sense to heavy weights, but then we've got two different personalities. It always is a different. So for Jimmy, although he's results with always stand up and be shown in history of how many championships he's won and races and everything else that, yeah, he wasn't one of the popular drivers and public eye. But that's just, you know, again, that's just unfortunately the way that he's personality is. David couch, he noted that the negative opinions and conduct offense never impacted on Jamie's behavior around the team in all the time I've known Jamie. I've never seen any big, you know flashy sort of statements or articles or anything like that. And, you know, he absolutely lets does all he's talking on the race circuit. And I think that's a really, that's something that I'm, you know, really sort of love about his personality. I think talks talks cheap. In any sport and certainly in motor sport and what actually matters is what you do on track and the results get. And that's probably what, you know, I mean, there's no question. He's the greatest. And he's managed to consistently perform an unbelievably high level for a very long period of time. And that's what is very, very hard to do, you know? It's hard enough to win one championship. You know, very few can back up and win two. You know, to win to win 7 is almost unbelievable, but the other thing I think that you can't brush over is the fact that if he hasn't won the championship, he's pretty much been second. You know, every other year. So, you know, he just really hasn't had hasn't had a bad year. And I think that's why he's, you know, without question, one of the greatest of all time. Two miles employed Jamie at tasman motor sport, then later became co owner Triple H, he said the public didn't understand Jamie's focus. He's a very genuine character. He didn't go car racing to be famous he went carras in the broad race cars and he's still the same and he realizes that obligation that you have as a sports startup to be accessible to the public, et cetera. But he goes writing the rice casm. And so he sort of doesn't retain to be anything else. And I think that's part of where the tractors come from, but you mentioned. That is a very, very, very genuine person. Scott Geller provided his observations on how he

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