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I mean, if you haven't been geared up already because it's been in your stores for a month and a half. God, or whatever. If you're unfortunate, unfortunate enough to live in these United States. It's been everywhere already, but we're doing our yeah. It's kicking into high gear now. Yeah. And so we're doing a survival guide. Yeah, where did he get through this? We have some advice to survive and you should always heed. Our advice is it's the best advice. It's never requested and always ignored. But we're gonna give it anyway. Yeah. So hey, look at us. We're in the same room. We both relatively healthy. Yeah, I've got some lingering sniffles. Hopefully nobody at home picks up on it. But we are definitely we're running on almost cooking with gas at this point. We're doing a show. The show might be about 95%. Yeah. And I'm judging. Basically, you have to give a, if any of our jokes don't land or whatever, you have to give us a pass. We need to hold. All right. All right. Well, all right, Dan. Yeah, I would like you to take a guess on this one. Oh, okay. This story is coming to us from the redemption United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City. Okay. It sounds like it's a large place. I don't know if it's like arena style, but it sounds like it's a big church. A megachurch. Okay. But it's again, I can't speak to it. I was gonna look it up, I forgot to. It's a killer. But the article refers to it as a famous church. Oh, okay. I've heard of it before, so all right, very famous. Yeah, exactly. But a woman was kicked out of the building. Okay, for bringing in some herb. Would you like to guess what herb? She brought in and which herb, they thought it was. Okay. Well, I feel like I feel like I now can I feel like you've given me enough to tell to know which herb they thought it was. Which has got to be weed. Yeah. They thought it was they thought it was weed. Marijuana. But instead, just something like a oregano. It was cilantro. That she purchased for her menudo. Oh. And she was she just was stopping at the church on the way home. Oh. And she had it in her bag and somebody saw it and mistook cilantro for marijuana. It's very, very similar in appearance. So similar. And she's like, and the whole thing's captured on video and apparently it's making its rounds on TikTok. But in the video, let's see the caption of the video says they didn't even let me explain. They automatically just accused me and so in the video it shows her saying, smell it, I promise you. But they wouldn't know. Well, 'cause first of all, they don't know what marijuana smells like and second of all. It's cilantro's a little too exotic. Really? These people. Wait, was this a brown skinned woman? Her name, it could be possible. But she's going home to menudo. So yeah, so. I mean, so that's it. I mean, you get a brownie. It's a soup, everybody. Yeah, you get a brown brown person coming in to church with a bag full of green. So you know what I'll give them credit for. Those church people that kicked her out, they are genuinely not weed smokers. No hypocrisy. No hypocrisy on that one point. They're dicks. Yeah. They're assholes. God, the worst. But any weed smoker would look at that and instantly go oh no, that's fine. Yeah. The police were involved into the situation. They did not press charges against the woman. That's nice. And the church has issued a statement. I don't think it was apologizing, but clarifying, and they're allowing her to attend prayers next week. Oh, generous. The whole thing's been sorted out. Thank goodness. Meanwhile, the full third of the rest of the congregation that actually smokes weed is just like looking around like. Okay. Okay, don't bring it. Just maybe don't even but you can smell like it. Because they don't know. Yeah, they're gonna be fine. And frankly, I mean, weed isn't even made out of leaves anymore. Like we grew up in the era when you smoked leaves of marijuana. They don't even do that anymore. Now it's all the buds, so just tell them, yeah. Tell them it's anything. It doesn't look like cilantro, not sure. All right. I'm gonna take a since you were in the south there. Is Oklahoma considered the south? It's a weird. It's a sort of nether area. It's like the depends on where you're at, but it's Oklahoma lax, it's a region. Yeah. Because some parts are like Texas, some parts are like the south, some parts of the west. It's the south Midwest. Yeah, it's odd. Any of who, I'm going to talk mostly about the south. A report came out from Columbia law school's law rights and religion project, talking about hospitals in the south. Now what they're looking at with this was abortion. And specific like, here's the thing. We all know that in the south there is a big campaign to try and stop abortion and blah blah blah. Regardless of whether it is just medically necessary or not. They don't care. So this report decided to look at what hospitals were doing because there are a lot of religious hospitals in the south. You know, there's a lot of Catholic hospitals everywhere, but there are also a lot of Protestant affiliated hospitals in the south. And actually there were a lot of formerly Protestant affiliated hospitals that are no longer that still have the name saint whatever hospital, but are no longer affiliated. Okay. They looked at all of the hospitals, secular, non secular, whatever. To just see how abortion is handled there. Okay. It is not a good picture. Oh. Even the secular hospitals are often not doing great at all. I mean, it's a big report. It's 77 pages. But they had four main takeaways. That I wanted to get to. The first one is that there are strict limits on abortion care. Throughout the south. Okay. Baptist hospitals, other Protestant affiliated hospitals. Even when they allow abortion in theory when it's necessary to save the life of the patient, it

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