Joe Biden Prepares to Cripple Oil Industry Further With New Fees


Sabotage and betrayal Maybe I should have kept that to myself Maybe that's my next book mister producer Buying the increased U.S. oil lease fees 50% while accusing big oil of anti competitive activities This is breitbart but it's all over the news because that's what they're planning on doing Oil leases they would increase them 50% If your communist China fascistic Russia islamo Nazi Tehran or the inbred in North Korea you are cheering Or the inbreds who run Saudi Arabia you're a cheering You can't believe you're good luck That the American Marxist in the United States have a mouthpiece in the Oval Office And throughout his administration where they're literally going to further cripple the American fossil fuel industry they're going to further cripple the American fossil fuel industry While the price of gasoline natural gas oil all petroleum products are going through the roof While inflation is not only going through the roof it's going to get worse and it's going to last longer

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