Chris Cuomo coordinated with brother's top aide, documents show


Have new information tonight about CNN anchor Chris Cuomo's behind the scenes role advising his brother the former New York governor Andrew Cuomo about how to deal with accusations of sexual harassment Chris Cuomo reportedly told investigators that he spoke regularly with his brother exchanged text messages with his brother's top advisers and was looped in on emails as the advisers came up with a response to the accusations from multiple women Cuomo says he never reported on his brother's situation for CNN and never tried to influence coverage of the case of the network Andrew Cuomo resigned in August after an independent investigation found he sexually harassed at least 11 women 7 34 people in charge of investigations in the district are asking you for help making sure that the deadly shooting of a toddler last week does not happen again If you know that you have babies in your house with guns you don't want them there call the police Mayor

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