Colin Powell, Brock Obama And Alma discussed on The Larry Elder Show


Colin Powell also thought long and hard about running for president of the United States. He never did declare. My understanding is his wife Alma did not want him to run. Because she feared that he might be assassinated as the first black president. Barack Obama, of course, ran, ran successfully. And according to the Secret Service, the threats against him were neither higher nor lower than the threats against any recent president. So much for the systemic racism that people claim claim exist here in this country. I was not happy that Colin Powell endorsed Brock Obama, Colin Powell was a registered Republican yet he and bore endorsed. Brock Obama because he felt that Obama would be a transformative president, and Obama was just that. He gave us ObamaCare. Not good. But certainly transformative. Giving us another giant step towards single payer which Obama said that hedy started from scratch he would have wanted, single payer. So Colin Powell was a great soldier. Great commander, great spoken for the administration, recall during the Persian Gulf War, he said we're going to cut it off and we're going to kill it. And sadness saying promised us to have the mother of all battles. That mother of all battles took a series of weeks. And his military was decimated. Colin Powell was respected on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Or allies liked him and trusted him? And

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