Author Matt Rosenberg Is a Chicago Native Son Who Can’t Believe What He’s Seeing


His name. Is matt rosenberg. The book is what next chicago notes of a pissed off native son. Wow matt rosenberg. Welcome to the program. Thank you eric. It's a pleasure to be here. I know of you because of your dad the legendary milt rosenberg my goodness. How long did he do radio. I mean how many years was he in that world. Thirty eight years he was on. Wgn am but it was just a second job. His first job He was a professor of social psychology at the university of chicago. And i grew up in hyde park in the professor of social social psychology with common sense and great curiosity which i think he passed on at least partially to me. So you've been a journalist. You've done a lot of things this book. I mean everybody in the country Including some chicagoans are wondering what in the world is happening in chicago. so what. What is the book about what next chicago. What ultimately Are you saying here. I am addressing urban progressive misrule In our nation's biggest cities. I'm looking at the unified theory of systemic racism and positing that that is not the problem that the problem is that urban political elites largely of color are running our nation's biggest cities into the ground. What i'm also trying to do. When this book. I went deep into the south side. I moved back to chicago where i lived for thirty years. from the time of being a a young child six years old to you know My mid thirties. When i finally left and moved to seattle with my lovely wife where we raised two children. I had to come back in twenty twenty looking at the city in chaos and turmoil. I went deep into the south side. Talk to black people in their homes and workplaces about what's gone wrong how to set things right so that was a big part of it but then the policy piece. Eric was very big. I felt don't shy away from this. How is it that the public schools are failing. How is it that the criminal court system has run off the rails. How was it that. of fiscal governance has gone so wrong. Why is it that corruption is endemic and rules of governance are rigged so it was ambitious. But i feel like. I had a chance to step up to

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