A highlight from A Mighty Solution For A Major Housing Crisis


Today i am super excited to introduce our guest. Her name is natalia. But you and the internet know her as natalie for mighty buildings where she is. The head of sales natalie from mighty buildings. Thank you so much for joining. Ask her out loud. I'm so excited to have you. Hi matt thanks so much for having me. I'm thrilled to be here with you today. And you know excited to tell you what we're doing you know. Answer some of your questions. That is awesome. So i think probably the first question that we should start with is what is mighty buildings so mighty buildings is construction three d. printing startup. We three different houses. That's how you know people know us. That's how clients now us so we developed this unique three d. printing technology which is the three d. printer and unique through the printing material which is cold in also known as lightstone material or synthetic stones so we use minerals and acrylic polymers. A mixture of those two things than uv light when the material comes out of the three d. printer actually cures it instantly and material solidifies instantaneously. In what we built as a product is an eighty you or single family home so mighty buildings through d. printed homes. How is this different from you know. Obviously it's three d. printed. It's pretty different. But prefab houses have been around for a while and this is kind of in that vein but different. Obviously it's different three d printed. What else is different about kind of a mighty building versus what people might be thinking when they hear something like this. I mean when people hear prefab they always have this connotation with sort of manufactured homes and you know. There is a stigma around manufactured homes that it's usually sort of a lower quality buildings so what we pride ourselves on is the higher quality of the building. It's a very unique design was a lot of glass windows and doors and the structure is three d. printed manufactured in the factory. But it's More over modular structure that is shipped out of the factory and dropped on the foundation. But against the key. Difference is as i said the quality of the speed of construction and material that we're using our buildings. Can we stand earthquakes over nine point zero so we don't use lumber. We don't use food so majority of the structure again is made out of steel and synthetic stone. So when you look

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