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Three in the Shelton area between west pine street and north front street our next report is at 8 O four Evan Smith como traffic The como forecast there'll be some fog at times tonight and in the early morning hours expect glows in the low to mid 40s tomorrow high in the loaded mid 50s with mostly cloudy skies and marine likely after 4 p.m. We have seen the effect COVID-19 can have on anyone but smokers particularly face an uphill battle when fighting the virus respiratory specialist doctor Jo Zayn cites recent research in jama internal medicine that shows people who smoke have a higher risk of hospitalization and even death from COVID-19 We saw that the more an individual smokes the more likely that person is going to be hospitalized when he or she gets infected with COVID Researchers studied more than 7000 people with the virus and found heavy smokers those who smoked one pack a day or more than 30 years had the highest risk In fact heavy smokers are nearly two and a half times more likely to be hospitalized and twice as likely to die when compared to nonsmokers People have good outcome from COVID are people who are fit and healthy And if smoking is something that you've been entertaining to stop for a long time I think that's just a lot of reason why you should stop smoking For lifebeat I'm Marina rockinger como news Oh there's no place like Joe's for the holidays Not your average Joe's with fresh new handcrafted dishes here just for the season Like sage pecan pesto salmon

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