GOP Defeats Obama-Endorsed Mayoral Candidate in Reliably Blue Columbia, South Carolina


The Democrats flooded Columbia South Carolina with endorsements for a mayoral candidate there named tamika Isaac divine. Obama endorsed her Jim Clyburn was heavily invested in her victory. Now this is Columbia South Carolina, and I know a little bit about South Carolina. I'm in. I'm in South Carolina today. In the upstate. In the Greenville Spartanburg Anderson area. I lived here, love the area. This is like home away from home for me, and I hope you don't mind me sharing my deep affection. For the people and the community of the upstate of South Carolina. Colombia is blue. Colombia is Richland county, Colombia, not elections in county, but Richland county is heavily Democrat. Biden carried Richland county by 38 points. All right? So it gives you an idea of the makeup of Columbia South Carolina. Guess what? The Republican Daniel Rick and man defeated the Democrat during Tuesday nights mayoral election. He won by four percentage points. Again, this was a race where the Democrat machine was heavily invested in trying to push tamika Isaac Devine over the finish line. Obama released an audio message to support him. Here's what's important. Colombia has been led by democratic mayors for 30 years the red wave is coming.

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