Biden Admits COVID Stimulus Checks Fueled Spike in Inflation But Left Doesn't Get It


Now Here's this Catherine rampal from The Washington Post I mean this is just comical She's on Brian stelter's show the coffee boy there And stouter of course it's just a great scene doesn't understand any of this though right But she's talking about inflation and comically states that Joe Biden has almost no control on what happens with inflation which is really weird because let me read this to you This is an actual headline I'm not trying to be funny I'm not trying to be silly This is an actual New York Post headline Steve Nelson November 10th 2021 Biden concedes his COVID stimulus checks fueled spike in inflation President Biden wins they conceded that inflation's at a three decade high because quote people have more money now as a result of his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus legislation recognizing essential point made by people who are arguing against a nearly $2 trillion sequel So just to be clear folks Joe Biden himself is now admitting because his lies have become untenable Joe Biden is now admitting that his decision to engage in this bill is the so called infrastructure bill which is really a poor deal spill right Is causing the inflation crisis because they had to print a lot of money to pay for it But here's the media bringing the righty Jim get very Brown get Mariano out of the bullpen and her Sandman bring the right hand No I love Marietta comparing him to these idiots It's an insult to the great Mariano right Bring it we gotta think of a really bad reliever in the past Bring in There we go there's a Rivera was one of the good guys Think of like bringing turd Ferguson out of the bullpen Bring it to the right Turn Ferguson time Here he comes out of the bullpen We have Ricky Vaughn before they put the glasses on Just a bit outside Here they are Here's the media to the rescue out of the bullpen Catherine rampal say no Biden's got nothing to do with it despite the fact Biden already admitted that their printing a bunch of money has a lot to do with it Check this out My general view about all of this is that the media Republicans and now The White House are laboring under the collective delusion that the president can do something about prices that the president controls prices That is incorrect And yet that is the premise of so much news coverage right now whether it's Fox News or other right wing coverage talking about hashtag Biden or saying you know why is Biden not doing more about gas prices or even more ostensibly more neutral or objective news organizations asking officials at The White House Why aren't you doing something about inflation He is all ready admitted the

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