Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Closing Arguments: What We Learned


You agree to keep getting sucked in by this rittenhouse trial So bigger the prosecutor is wrapping up his closing arguments and he keeps saying things that are so beyond stupid they're hard to believe it's coming out of the mouth of a person over the age of 12 Listen I don't know the guy personally I mean he was handed a turd sandwich and he had to make it work as a case but he just said something so crazy You know no less than an hour ago he was talking about how rittenhouse doesn't have the right to self defense because he was in possession of a gun at the scene and now he's claiming that gross croy so I always butchered his name who approached rittenhouse self admittedly with a gun in his hand and admitted to pointing it out his face is now the real self defender like it's a new DC Comics self defenders What is he talking about I mean did he not understand there was the jury scene video of this Repeatedly I just called Jenna Ellis One of my favorite attorneys won a president Trump's former attorneys during the break And I said you gotta come on Give me your perception at two 30 of what's going on here with this case Because it just keeps sucking me in I know there's a thousand things going on to border inflation The China situation A thousand things going on right now The interview with the BLM guy this weekend Steve Bannon But this is really serious stuff I mean he just seriously tried to make the case No less than an hour ago that rittenhouse this is not a case of self defense because rittenhouse had a gun And now he's claiming they're not stupid They just just now he's claiming they gauge gross the guy who approached rittenhouse went to fire him in his hand was somehow engaged in an act of self defense an act of self defense by chasing him down While rittenhouse is sitting down on the street getting attacked by a mom you're like wait so that's self defense but what rittenhouse did to fend off the mob isn't This is just Chris is crazy pills time All right before I get to Jenna in the case And Jim Mike keep your eye keep your ears on this case You hear any other gems like that from binger Let me know I mean this guy really I mean he needs to find a new career after this Maybe retraining take the pee away at HP project management test or something Try something different This is legal thing bro it's not for you Yeah learn to code Learning will be bad for that Learn the code immediately You get a coding degree or something This legal stuff

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