Biden unveils 'historic economic framework' as he urges Dems to pass legislative agenda

Pod Save America


News after months of easy inspiring negotiations president biden rally democrats in congress today and then spoke to the nation about the nearly yeah hopefully final framework for his economic plan. I'm calling it an economic plan. Still because hope springs eternal. Even though what the press is calling it is garbage. Anyway here's what's included in the final framework the biggest investment in climate and clean energy in the nation's history. The country's first ever universal preschool program for all three and four year olds a program that would limit childcare costs to no more than seven percent of families income. Another year of the child tax credit to cut child poverty in half an expansion of the affordable. Care act that would cover millions of uninsured. Americans an expansion of medicare to cover the cost of hearing in of billions of dollars in elder. Care home care and affordable housing. All of this is paid for by new taxes on multimillionaires and billionaires by new taxes on profitable corporations that currently pay zero dollars taxes or ship jobs overseas by new taxes on corporate stock buybacks and by going after tax cheats. Here's what's not included. That biden and most democrats wanted but mansion and or cinema killed paid family and medical leave prescription drug reform two years of free community college and an expansion of medicare to include dental

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