A highlight from 621: Surprising Habs and Sabres; Tkachuk's Debut; Karlsson and Hoffman; Mike Bossy's Cancer Battle


Welcome to the grand presentation of the wpa. It is a show with episodes each and every weekday and all kinds of tales of ottawa. Sports whatever mixed in the steve worn here in ottawa jim jerome out in edmonton schmooze ended up as always james. How're things good. Stevie excellent things are out how. 'bout you good. Thank you all right right on man. I'll tell you what stevie you know. We always talked about the hockey season when it starts up. You know. I've been around each other now talking sports for twenty years twenty something like that anyway. Two thousand something like that ninety nine and everyone always says let's just hold off on What teams are going to be. How how they're looking until twenty games okay before we decide whether a team is good or bad or whether they're they're drive to the playoffs is alive or or dead or whatever you know. It's always at twenty game thing. So we're four or five games in stephen you and i go through some headlines before we do the show and a lot of them. Stevie are watch out for those buffalo sabres. Okay steve. they've won. They've won three games. Steve okay take note. I'm surprised you didn't have it as the number one top story today steve that the buffalo sabres are three. No okay what's going watch out for them. So how about those buffalo sabres and the and the other one in on the other side is montreal's in the tank. Okay according to everyone and this is trouble and things need to change. And what's going because they're all enforce them or own five first time in twenty five years. Yeah i don't care. Steve it's okay. It's okay okay. Let's go back to. But jim they've only got seventy eight. They've only got seventy eight games to turn it around. How are you going to do that. How do you possibly do that. Everybody's hysterical We all know that fannie short for fanatic has probably how we should refer to fans as the buffalo sabres. one. I think is fantastic. Like i knew they'd get two three wins. I just thought i'd be sipping christmas. Eggnog when they dead. Well it's not fans it's not defense sports writers. It's guides our work in sports. You know talking about love. All the stories i saw today you know are a bunch of them. Look for these guys and look out for this and blah blah blah. Yeah well it's kabila not looking out for it. I'm not. I'm not talk to me in three weeks. It's click ability right. They want clicks. That's what they want. That's the sad thing about the state of journalism. In general you know newspapers used to be the watchdogs providing this objective properly presented news story or a sports writer in this case now as newspapers go from the hard copy onto the online world. they're realizing okay tardelli. Make a living doing this. Because well everybody's expecting things for free online so memberships and advertising's not an easy thing but on top of that you're now putting your product onto a forum where nobody has an attention span and everybody expects something that'll blow their mind click ability wise so journalists are having to basically get into the mud. I guess it's tough for sure. And that's why they kind of present things in such a hysterical fashion. Oh my god on all these all kinds of talk. The gm might be before long anyway. So maybe the team agrees with all that well. Well the oilers are three in. Oh okay dave. I don't know when the last time they did that. Steve you know whenever whenever. But i'll tell you what i've watched those games and in fact i've watched i've been watching highlights like i do every night. You know. I watch sports desk together and and the oilers were in in a. I don't know two out of the three games. They won kind of lucky. They're just like there was a goofy bounce. Last night that you know it was back and forth game with anaheim. No one will ever persuade me that. In the sport of hockey the waste played in twenty twenty one with sublime defensive structure. Everybody in great shape. Everybody can skate like the wind. No one will ever persuade me. That lock isn't as big a factor as anything in winning and losing hockey games whether it's the luck of not getting injured whether it's the luck factor of a referee not blowing call or whether it's the bad bounce we know that puck and bounce all over the place one night. It'll go in off the post the other night. It'll hit the crossbar and up into the twelfth row. Lock using huge part of being successful at hockey. Yeah and and how they and and how they make sure that luck doesn't doesn't decide you know big moments you know big big play offs or or or teams winning stanley cups and all that you know as they got to got the eighty two game schedule got the best of seven. Okay it's not best to three it's You know so. They do their best to make sure that someone doesn't whistle their way into into you know stanley cup. Final for example right or or whips their way into first place that make the playoffs.

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