A highlight from The Revs are MLS's best team, deal with it! Plus, fall out from SKC-Sounders



Extra time is exactly how I find it out. What's going on in the MLS? Maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well. Everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. We're trying to cook up some great stuff for you guys. That's why he's here. From New York, New York, you are listening to extra time driven by continental tire from the AT&T 5G virtual studios. I major weaving with my partners in soccer on this beautiful Monday, Matt Doyle. Kaylyn Carr, no, David goss. He is living the dream. He is in Portugal right now, eating food going to the beach, seeing the science and of course going to a soccer game that holds 5000 people and just loving life. Before we get into all the news from last week 32, revs when the supporters shielded without playing a game. Sporting Kansas City and Seattle sounders controversy. Just a little bit of it. You can watch instant replay or maybe we'll talk about the suplex here in just a little bit. And of course, playoff relevant results all throughout the league and clean the Red Bulls. Now the hottest team in Major League Soccer somehow some way up into the playoff field. Here's the big question to start the show. If you could, right now, jump on a plane, go somewhere anywhere in the world for a soccer vacation of a David goss. I know he's there with his girlfriend and other doing other things, but I also know David, which means it'll go to like four or 5 games where are you going? Okay, are you getting on it? You've already been to Portugal this year so you can just cross that one right off your list. Yeah. Well, I'm here in the Bay Area, and I saw Wanda yesterday actually, which was cool. One of our club teammates, Noam merle, former earthquake and sounder, he went to the high school Hall of Fame, we're all club teammates. So we got the whole club team back together. So that was pretty fun. But I would have to say, I know you're supposed to go somewhere exotic and David gosses on a beach and doing all this beautiful stuff. I wanna go to Foxborough. I feel like that's gonna be the place for me. It's been a long time. What? I've spent a lot of my sort of like 20s in that area and on Twitter recently, I never tweet, but I did tweet about going back to the best western at Braintree and giving it another go. You want to hit bar Louie for some happy hour? Well, I was kind of like doing it tongue in cheek, but patriots. Patriots placed the ID. Yeah, they wrote back and they were saying, there's an elite food court there. Two game stops. The best lids ever and a rotating CD pop culture store on the first floor called hot topic. And that was by a revs fan. Bug type. No, yaman. I don't know what's going on right now. Anyways, yeah. I have no idea. If they do go, like, if somewhere in the playoffs, I actually do want to go out there and experience it again and maybe Charlie Davies will take us out too. For kaylin, that's outside the U.S. apparently. It is, to me. I don't think anything. Did you specify outside the U.S., we be? Did I? I might not. Caitlin, Caleb makes a good point though. Anything north of new year? Foxborough is not my ideal vacation spot, but Providence is dope. And it's really close to Providence, which is like one of my favorite cities in the U.S.. Of course, the fried calamari Rhode Island style fried calamari is the frigging best thing in the world. I would probably yeah, I would probably pick Providence and then you get up to the revs game. That's my vacation. Oh my God. Everybody out there is groaning. Tell me where you would go please. Give me something better than Providence and Foxborough. No offense to Foxborough I've had some wonderful evenings in and around that stadium. I'm gonna throw out I'm going Mexico. I'm going dad fam going to Mexico City. My bachelor party that was supposed to happen. I don't know if you guys would have been able to go, but among the soccer, the soccer folks, it never went out because the pandemic arrived. So we were supposed to go to Mexico City. We were supposed to eat our weight in street tacos and go to as many games as possible. That is still what I would do. I would go see league of Mexicans and hopefully maybe get some CCL in as well. Let us know what you would do. Let us know where you want MLS cup to be. Just from a travel perspective. I don't know if I would choose Foxborough, but Charlie Davies has promised me a good time in Boston at the twin house. If it indeed happens, so I'm on that. I'm on that tip.

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