A highlight from 10 Trivia Questions on Honorary Titles


This show, today's Patreon spotlight is on Joe Finney, who has been a subscriber on Patreon to me for quite some time since November of 2019 going on two years next month. Thank you, Joe Finney, all the way from British Columbia, Vancouver British Columbia, up in Canada, what a great friend. Joe Finney, I have not had a lot of interaction with, but one time asked me for Gilmore Girls trivia. He says, Ryan, I was just listening to your Gilmore Girls trivia from a few weeks ago and you said he had more slides with questions on them. My roommate and her family loved Gilmore Girls. So I was wondering if I would be able to get those slides for me to do a trivia night for them, cheers Joe and I believe if I check my next threat of emails that I did indeed send those questions to Joe. I think or actually, you know what? I think that was the only one I had. The one I did in the podcast. So sorry Joe, I got to do some more Gilmore Girls for Joe and his roommates and their friends and family. But thank you Joe Finney for your support over these last couple of years. And guys, be like, Joe, go to Patreon dot com slash trivia with buds and sign up for different reward tears between one and 50 bucks, 50 bucks gets you all the trivia that I use every single month at my live tribute locations. If you are at trivia host and you need some content, that is the way to go. They're ready in PowerPoint slides for you, and you can kind of customize them, change the logos, et cetera. I actually don't have any logos on them so you can add your own logo to them if you want, and just use those. But we're going to jump into a round today on honorific titles, which is being used this week at my California locations. If you play there, you can see the weekly locations by going to tribute with buds dot com in the top right hand corner it says weekly shows. Click that and you'll see all the good stuff going on. All right, we'll jump into these questions right now on honorific titles. Here we go. It is honorific title trivia all your answers are miss mister misses, captain, doctor, et cetera, so keep that in mind. Here's number one. Children's toy introduced in 1952. Number one children's toy introduced in 1952 number one.

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