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Song Is doing so well here in America is because people are collectively hoisting a middle finger to the president of the United States Dan man is in for Gary and Eric 8 6 6 90 red eye is the phone number 8 6 6 9 zero 7 33 39 Tips from JJ Keller and associates incorporated on distracted driving eating and drinking While it might save you time to eat while you're driving it isn't a good idea Eating and drinking requires you to take a hand off the wheel And it also pulls your attention away from the road Recent research has shown that eating and drinking while driving may be even more dangerous than texting Research shows drivers who eat or drink while driving may have trouble staying in their lane and break more often than drivers who are not distracted Whatever possible wait until you're pulled over to eat and drink If you must eat and drink while driving avoid foods that need to be unwrapped or that are difficult to eat and drink from a straw so you don't have to tilt your head back and take your eyes off

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