'Our Broken Elections' Shows How Mark Zuckerberg Invested $350M in 2020 Election


I need to go through the table at content so the audience knows the extent of your and vaness Picasso's a coverage here It's really it's really comprehensive taking advantage of the COVID pandemic to change the way we vote Another chapter the median president Trump's presidential advisory commission on election integrity the tool of choice for vote Thebes absentee ballot fraud the many ways election fraud happens Liberals dream legislation HR one and the threat to election integrity in the First Amendment Mark Elias Inc the legal general for the left Zucker box the center for tech and civic life vote trafficking automatic voter registration and rank choice voting a recipe for coercion fraud and confusion I mean you really have covered the entire playing field here You wanted to hit Zucker box Go ahead Well Mark you're a lawyer Imagine if a company that had a very spotty osha record and was really being bothered by the workplace enforcement rules for accidents decided that you know rather than clean up their act they're going to change the rules So what they do is they create a foundation of 5 O one three and they go to the local federal osha office and they say you know we're going to give you a whole bunch of money because we really believe in workplace safety All you have to do to accept this extra money which you can hire more bureaucrats with is sign a contract with us that you'll change your rules on a workplace management and enforcement And by the way those are the kind of the changes we want because they'll basically give us a pass Everybody would be outraged It would be a complete perversion of the regulatory process Well Mark Zuckerberg through his various foundations put in $350 million in the 2020 election and they went to all of these election offices around the country Most of them in democratic states almost all of them in swing states and said you know Philadelphia you've got a $10 million annual budget for elections How'd you like to make a

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