Author Raymond Arroyo Explains the Origins of Christmas Tinsel


Had a chance to talk to my pal Raymond Arroyo, who lighten the mood a little bit for a couple of minutes. But he also has a great ability to shine a spotlight on some of these crazy issues in some of the insanity we're facing in America. Here's my chat with Raymond Arroyo, Fox News channel. Tell us what the genesis of this book. How did it come into being? Well, you know, Mike, years ago, when I was a young reporter traveling in Eastern Europe, there are trees or decked out with tinsel from top to bottom. I mean, it looks like the front of a Trump Tower or something. You know, it's old glitter and tinsel. And if you look in the bows of those trees, there are little spider ornaments jeweled spiders. And I couldn't figure every house I went to every business. They had this same setup. Well, I guess I didn't pay much attention to it. I thought they were recycling stuff from Halloween or I didn't know what they were doing. Years later, I came across a footnote during research for another book. And it says there is a legend from the second century of Mary Joseph and Jesus running into a cave on their way to Egypt. And they meet a spider who performs a special service for them. Well, it turns out that spider and this story is the origin of tinsel. I always thought tinsel was to replicate bicycles on a tree. No, it is a testament and a homage to this tale of a spider who spun a web perform this amazing service for the holy family. And you know, at the heart of the story, and the reason I think it's resonated with people so deeply in the last year and again this year is because as Mary says of the spider at one point in all of us, all are here for a reason. And no matter how small your gift, no matter how the world ignores you or tells you, you're not good enough or get over in the shadows or we don't want to see you anymore. That gift that service may be of the utmost importance. Not only to you and yours but to all of

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