Did Dr. Fauci Say There Was a 'Reason' Other Than Racism for President Trump's Travel Ban?


Go ahead Build time When you diminish your stop or block travel from a particular country there's a reason for that Really Now there's a reason for it when Trump did it with racism A ladies and gentlemen would we not be so far better off in every respect in this country If Trump were in the Oval Office and Biden were still in his basement Tell me the truth Tell me the truth I mean I understand Bill cristal has a head injury these days I think he does And I understand the guys who resign from Fox right before they got kicked in the ass out the door I'm told I understand that their profoundly More righteous than Than anybody else But nonetheless is there any question when it comes to China or Russia When it comes to Iran or the Middle East when it comes to energy independence and the economy securing the border support for the police support for the is there any question whatsoever Trump wasn't sabotaging the country He loves the country Loves it Let's go back go ahead Time to do things So don't let this rambling on about your buffoon What are you rambling on about Hey does he sound like a scientist to you Yeah mad

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