The Salvation Army Now Embraces Critical Race Theory


For decades I think even as a young kid when I would walk into the supermarket or some place and there were these individuals in the special outfits with the special hats with a bucket of red bucket the Salvation army Take a Protestant Christian organization Doing great works and I figured among the least controversial the organizations out there have never heard anything negative or political from them And so I don't need the government to tell me to redistribute wealth When they're out there if I go into the store I always put a $20 bill in there come in put a $20 whatever it is Same with the Boy Scouts the girls got whatever But these institutions are dying Not all the boys and girls in the Boy Scouts and girl scouts and their parents many of them are so earnest And out all the people ringing the bells for the Salvation army but the Salvation army now is an institution Has been corrupted Great sight trending politics but this is really everywhere Eric Thompson Salvation army once white donors to offer a sincere apology for systemic races What was founded in 1865 in London England is both a Protestant Christian church and international charitable organization a Salvation army has now embraced critical race theory

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