Off Their Game Week 8 - Antonio Gibson


Gibson gibson by the way he played today In a little place called aspen and david johnson heath is loser for youtube carries one catch against the rams. He was started in twenty five percent of the sixty six percent roster. No wonder they didn't give gibson the ball if he was an aspen games for the closest thing i could do i. I don't know what happened with david. Johnson really did you have a number. You wanted snaps. He played. Dave seemed like four was my guest. He played nineteen percent of the snaps. It was a season low forum Half of the texans twelve snaps on third and fourth downs. So the passing situations that we've seen him kinda dominating and that went away. Rexburg had played more of those snap. Some of them they played together and burkhead was the lead guy in this texan's backfield forty eight percent of the snaps. So you probably think okay. David johnson was second. He wasn't even second. He was third. Scotty phillips twenty six percent of the snaps season. I've

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