Jennifer Horn Sees Parents Waking up and Pushing Back


Let's talk about what's happening in Virginia. The incredible meeting at loudon county. I just want to play one more cut. We've been playing them all afternoon. Let's go to cut 5 another father, the loudon counting meeting, a year last night, play cuts. There's also word of a freedom high school teacher who's been transferred to Belmont ridge three weeks ago after sexual impropriety with a student. It's been learned 5 years ago. There was yet another sexual assault on a freshman girl at tuskegee wear high school, with someone this boy covered up. Scott, why are you so close to the Commonwealth attorney? It seems like our kids are being used as pawns in some social reform game. Scott, why did you have a private non foible meeting with the Commonwealth attorney, on October 15th, at that fundraising that you and I both attended? We witnessed it. Why am I still waiting on the page that was missing from the foia results on how you plan to spend the 11 hours tied to your masking and testing mandates? Resigned tonight, all of you, and in the mockery you've all brought in this great county. Resign tonight. Why are schoolboard members having none the foible meetings with other offices in the state? Are these stories are these visible at all? Do they resonate in California or are there analogs? Is anything happening at California school board meetings, Jennifer? Well, I think there's something that's replicating on the West Coast, just like on the east coast and everywhere parents are waking up. I think COVID did it. I think it was an unintended consequence of the left shutting everything down and fear mongering. Everyone home for a year and a half, parents realized what the curriculum was in school and just what is really happening and they're starting to push back. But I think there's two things going on here. First, you've got people pushing back against curriculum and critical race theory. Attorney general Merrick Garland was testifying today about about his memo in which he's completely, it got a conflict of interest. He's earning money about from critical race theory, or at least his son in law is, while he's trying to call parents, domestic

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