Soler Hits First True World Series Leadoff HR


Hey, ladies and gentlemen, it is rare that I note something in the sports world as an opener. But I thought you would find this of interest even if you don't follow baseball. Or any other sport for that matter. So the World Series is taking place right now. Between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves. The Atlanta Braves representing the national league Houston Astros who can not make up their mind which league they would like to play in are in the American League. Something happened last night. That never happened before in the history of baseball. I'm serious. I love that stuff. As one of the players said, there aren't many firsts left. That the batter in the in a World Series game be opening batter, hit a home run. It's happened at the bottom of the first, but not at the top of the first. There you go. I am sure. That at least 4% of you found that fascinating. Welcome to the show. Where we indeed do talk about everything in life. For whatever reason, I'm finding interesting, perhaps because I very close friend on the Atlanta Braves. Very special, very special human being, as it turns out. All right, everybody Dennis prieger here. There was a group called the anti. By the way, Sean, did you happen to hear what I announced? You missed it. He went out to get some papers for the show. So he's excused. First time in World Series history, a batter opened up the World Series with a home run. That's, say, see, he's moved. He is one of the 4%. And the guy who did it was at last series with COVID. So ah, so it's another first. He is the first guy to be out with COVID to hit a home run at the opening of a World Series.

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