Former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder Expresses Disappointment With Kamala Harris, Terry McAuliffe


I wanted to tell you and I forgot but now I'm back About Doug wilder remember I had mentioned him From a Virginia governor first black governor of Virginia last black governor of Virginia He is disgusted with mcauliffe and Kamala Harris And as his reported here Yahoo Douglas wilder the only black governor of Virginia's history Is no fan of the video endorsement Vice president Kamala Harris made for Terry mcauliffe which is being played Sundays and hundreds of the old dominions black church I mean it's so illegal It's so in your face Mcauliffe is pushing it The White House has put because they know nobody's going to charge them They know nobody's going to go after them because they own the whole damn government Now when we own it right When we have all the branches of government we have whistleblowers Whistleblowers with their dog whistles just blowing whistles all over the place Oh and then we have congressional hearings We had the Washington compost and CNN You get it The ad which ethics and legal experts say a clear violation of IRS rules as I pointed out weeks ago is set to continue playing right up until the November 2 gubernatorial election They don't care And by the way I'm not the only one about a week after I pointed this out Jonathan turley said the same thing Anybody who is a serious lawyer who knows something about how this works knows that this is illegal So the Democrat party as it says here is pulling out all the stops to ensure black turnout even breaking the IRS law But a thumbs down from the 90 year old wilder a Democrat highly respected voice in Virginia politics for decades is significant again African

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