Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, and Terry McAuliffe Violated Federal Tax Law


One I want to make a report for the Internal Revenue Service That is part of the department of treasury I want to make a report to the treasury Excuse me the tax division and the Department of Justice The criminal division and the attorney general publicly that Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams have violated a federal tax law as has Terry mcauliffe Preachers whatever faith they can speak to issues even walk up to the line when it comes to politics but they can not be overt They can not be part of a campaign plan With videos with messaging turn out the vote It's illegal Because these institutions are tax exempt in their tax exempt because among other things they're neither profit making nor political And yet Kamala Harris has produced a video for the term McCullough campaign And they're working very hard to get out the vote in black churches and black communities And Virginia churches are airing Kamala Harris's endorsement of Terry mcauliffe and her urging parishioners to vote after attending church I don't recall such a blatant and aggressive violation of federal tax law But on the other hand what do they have the fear given the Department of Justice

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