Why China Is Laughing at Joe Biden With David Goldman


Welcome back to one on one with David Goldman. David, we've been discussing these issues for so very, very long. We have also alighted on your recommendation, numerous times. You visited us in The White House and made it first then I think that we need a new space race. We need that speech at rice university from a president who just gets America back into some national program that gets us to a Pinnacle of research and development. I got to ask you last week we had the launch into space of a 90 year old American captain Kirk Bill Shatner made it on a what was it 5 minute space ride? That's not exactly what you're talking about is it, David, you're talking about something big. Yeah, live long and prostate. But you're talking about something a bit larger than Jeff Bezos is vanity project. It's how you know. Seth, you and I have been talking about decoupling at least some parts of the U.S. economy from China for years. As of last month, U.S. imports from China are up 30% since 2018 when Trump started going after them. That's because the body administration has thrown trillions of dollars of people and giving people an incentive to say out of the workforce, people have money to spend, but we can't find the workers because of the disincentives created by government programs. So we've got to buy the goods from China. China's exports to us are booming. They are now equal to 27% of our manufacturing GDP. It's an astonishing number. That is. We need to rebuild American industry. We've got a business elite that doesn't care about manufacturing, doesn't care about manufacturing communities or workers. We need to reverse

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